Monday, June 11, 2007


I am on cd3.
I went in for my first blood work for the Clomid Challenge Test today.

I am so sore. I spent the past two days cleaning out the garage. We went and got more shelving yesterday and then emptied out so much stuff. I have a lot I am saving for the next baby, but I had a lot I needed to just get rid of. I took an entire truckload to Goodwill today. They needed 4 carts to get it all, and their carts are huge. Then I went back home and re-loaded the truck and took another entire truckload to the recycling center.

The shelves I got are those Gorilla Rack ones you put together with just a rubber mallet. I love them. I got four new ones and putting them together strained every damn muscle in my back. Then unloading and re-organizing and sorting and reloading all those shelves just about killed me. I have a lot of space now. I also put up a lot above the rafters in the garage.

I have some more sorting to do but it is just about 10 boxes of paperwork and 2 large bins of clothes that I know I will never fit into again. I just need to let them all go but I will sort through them over the next day or two.

Meanwhile I am hobbling around barely able to walk. It is comical how truly aching my body feels.

I cannot believe I will be 40 in 8 days.

I know what I want.

4 om's.:

Mandy said...

Hope you have a very Happy Birthday! Nothing like a good bit of clearing out old stuff....We did our lougneroom for 4 hours the other week...brilliant.
Sorry to hear your back's sore...
I hope you get what you wish for soon.
Have a great birthday x

The Fonaholics said...

We all must be on a cleaning out frenzy, simplifying your life is a good distraction...have a great birthday and good luck on the CCT!!!

The Road Less Travelled said...

I should be so lucky to look that good at 40. I hope you have a happy birthday.

butterflyanla said...

Great job with the cleaning, It will surely make your packing and move a lot easier. Good luck with the Clomid challenge.