Sunday, June 17, 2007

time going by slowly...

I am not taking Clomid next month.

Hopefully I won't need it, but I am taking a month off either way.

I have had less side effects than many and more than a few. It has not been unbearable, but it has definitely been annoying. The hotter than hell then freezing my ass off over and over is so maddening. The moods have not been the worst they could be but I am certainly snappish much more than I am used to and it makes me feel very badly for my son and roomie when I find myself answering simple questions with snaps back instead of simple replies.

I am hoping this month will be the magic one being my birth month and all, but I am taking a break from it for a month either way.

I will be 40 in 2 days.

I am ok with it for the most part, but ,ack, it sounds like someone else, not like me. I hear people all the time say they feel 19 inside, even in their 60's. I had a rough time when I was younger. I wasn't very happy. Inside I feel 30. I think I will always feel 30. Everything in my life changed directions at 30 and it was all for the better.

I get maudlin for 2 weeks before my birthday each year. This year is no exception.

Tomorrow is the second blood test of my Clomid Challenge. I will most likely hear the results on my actual birthday on Tuesday.


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