Thursday, June 21, 2007


I was on the treadmill when the phone rang. It was the doctors office, but they were calling me to ask if they could change a July appointment time. I said sure and then asked the woman about my results. She looked and after what seemed like forever read a note saying the doc said to call and say my results were normal.

I thanked her and asked for numbers. I have long since learned to get specifics.

Now I am not sure how I feel. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

My cd 3 results:

FSH 4.3

E2 118

My cd 10 results:

FSH 10.8

E2 614

I was pretty ok with the FSH but the Estrogen results are so high. Then I read up and saw an elevated E2 can suppress an FSH meaning you actually have elevated FSH but it is not showing up because of the high E2.

I am holding onto the fact that my doc wrote it was normal but it still concerns me. I am not sure she will be calling me herself today or at all about the results so any experience with this from all you great women in the trenches would be very appreciated.

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