Monday, June 25, 2007


I swiped this IF icon from a site. I have no idea if it is ok. I just liked the pretty candle and how it changes colors.

I had ovulation spotting. Never have I had it before. I was in a panic for a bit until I read up that it could be a very positive sign of fertility. I am going with that.

My nipples hurt yesterday and this morning. Way to early for it but strange and interesting.

If I have you on my blogroll, or comment on your blog, and you have gone private, and you wouldn't mind me reading, PLEASE PLEASE invite me. I feel like I keep having blogs go private with no way for me to email a request and my paranoid psyche thinks it is a conspiracy against me. I often believe I offend others without knowing, or that people are secretly against me in an organized fashion. It stems from my mother telling me all my friends really hated me but wouldn't say it to my face, all throughout my childhood. I know it is some bent form of neurosis and narcissism but work with me people. Please.

I have been doing my eating plan for a week. I took Sunday off but went back to it today. I am not sure every Sunday will be off, maybe every other, but it is still a work in progress. I am trying for something I can live with, not just suffer through for a short time.

Bliss informed me this morning that he likes his computer games and candy and wanted both for breakfast. I said no and informed him he would have the usual fruit and sausage and a croissant and only a half hour of computer games. He then asked for one that will not run on his computer. I told him I had to take a bunch off his computer for it to work to which he replied yes please. Then he informed me it was his favorite game. (It is a Donald Duck game in actuality he never plays for long because it frustrates him immensely) I told him it wasn't his favorite game, that he usually didn't really like it anyways. He then tells me, and I quote, "Well mama it is because I am a sad child." I almost choked and asked why that was, and was he not happy, he said "MAMA, I 'get' happy, but I am a sad child." WTF???? He is a very happy kid and cracks me up to no end. He then told me he loved me and kissed me 20 times. All I kept thinking is how much I love my life. I am so lucky to know this being.

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Mandy said...

What a gorgeous boy you have!
i really cannot wait to become a mum....even with all it's trials etc...i'm very excited about it!
I had a look at all your photos and he's just gorgeous....
good luck for this cycle :)