Wednesday, March 05, 2008

in which a meme does not get done...

First off the movie yesterday was wonderful. I loved it. I enjoyed it way more than anyone else for sure. Bliss spent most of the time climbing on my head and back and making loud shrill sounds "because he can." It was fine though, I was occupied for 2 hours with a very sweet, very magical film that I loved.

On to the meme thing.


I made a decision long ago not to do them. Until yesterday I had never been tagged and then BAM I get tagged and then I get an email from a friend with a meme inside. Then today I got tagged again.

Here is the thing. Have any of you ever met a person who had experienced way way too much in their life? One of those people who has seen or done or experienced so much it makes others way uncomfortable when they discuss it? Well I am one such person. I have experienced way too many things, good, bad, awful, serious, hilarious, kinky, and extreme. I am fine with it all, but I have no filter. Zero. So in a meme I will divulge too much and it will become very awkward.

For example, the meme I got yesterday from a friend. It is a "Name 4 things" meme with seven questions. One is "Where would you rather be right now?" and another is "Four places I go over and over." Well, for the first, I would put Italy and India and then "in my hot tub giving birth" and then "in a hospital or birth center giving birth" because that is really the only place I would rather be. Even India and Italy are lies because although I really want to visit both I do not want to until Bliss is a bit older and will truly cognitively remember the places. This is a friend who vaguely knows I am ttc another but I rarely ever see and does not know the gritty details. And on the other question. Well Grocery store, Hardware store, fertility clinic, and Target would sum that question up. Now my answers would cause the pity email to be written and then possibly some very sweet very misguided advice would be offered and then we all know how I would feel. So I cannot do the meme. The thing with the email one is this friend does not email often and this feels like possibly she is reaching out so now I have to find a way to answer back without divulging all, but I cannot do fluff answers, it is just not me.

So that is a small easy example of why I do not do them. Online though, I would get way more explicit with info about me and it would just not be good. I can also NEVER play that drinking game "I've never" because almost always, I have. Now don't get me wrong, I am pretty far removed from college drinking games these days, as so easily shown in a very recent post, but you get the picture.

So that pretty much sums up why I do not do meme's. And I feel just awful when I was tagged and I did not comply, so please, just skip me when tagging and know I am truly sorry but am just not capable of doing it without problems arising.

2 om's.:

Solitaire said...

Hehe, fair enough. Though it'd be interesting for us to have the "without filter" version! I don't like getting tagged myself, as usually I'm just stuck thinking up weird things about myself that I haven't already posted. a) I'm not weird, and b) I'll pretty much post anything in the first place. Too hard!

Neenie/PawsNY said...

YEAHHHHH SCREW MEMES DAMNIT! I agree with you- I dont mind doing them myself but when family send them to me, I dont respond because I hate sharing answers and stuff about me to them. No one in my family reads my blog so I am as open as heck with that.
Loved your cozy post about snuggling in bed with Bliss- it sounded so comfy and soothing and I'm glad it helped you to relax and feel well. You deserve a thousand days in a row of wellness and I hope you get them...