Thursday, January 08, 2009


So I had my repeat u/s anatomy scan on Tuesday. All went well unless you consider the doctor who was not only silent and told me "I cannot give you a play by play" when I asked what she was looking at after the tech had already spent a half hour on the scan but also wore a ton of perfume. So much so I started to get faint and have trouble breathing. She asked me if I was ok twice and then said she could get a cold cloth and I told her her perfume was way too strong.

All was ok she finally said she was just still having trouble seeing everything she wanted clearly. I was told all was well and checked save facial stuff because said baby is face down and uncooperative. Then they gave me three pictures that were so awful. A blurry foot, a skeletal looking face, again, and a leg bone. I was talking with doc and wiping off gel and saw this pic on the screen and asked if I could have it. It actually looks like a baby which no others even came close to doing. She said no she didn't know ho wand when my jaw dropped she said she would "try." Well in 3 clicks she did it and then ripped the paper and cut off over an inch on top, not that I needed it buy my gawd could she have been a bigger twit???

The last thing that happened there, which was when the tech first took me back was a bit irritating. She got me in the room and said "now you don't want to know the sex of the baby is that correct?" I said yes and then she says"well so you know I call all babies 'him' because I don't like to call a baby 'it.'" I said ok but here is the thing, she never said that at the first visit, when she didn't already know, plus she has never used those kinds of pronouns and didn't this visit either. She always ways "your baby" this or that. So part of me thinks she says that with the correct pronoun just to cover her ass which just irritates the hell out of me. I do NOT want to know. I didn't want anyone else for this very reason. I do not want to be dissecting her words or anything. I truly truly do not care what sex the baby is, I could not even pick if I was given the choice but I really resent her way of handling that because now I have a niggle in my brain I do not need.

OK done with the u/s stuff now on to the next.

I hired a company to come pack, or two men from a company one owns. They are amazing and it is a HUGE stress off of us. We had an yucky argument yesterday and it just was too much to try and do on our own. All of this also means we now have a leaving date. We are leaving the 26th of this month. That is 18 days from now people. AAAACCCCKKKK Cue to me freaking out a bit. I paid for the storage unit in Nova Scotia, I have almost all the shipping issues covered, I have a list, or like 5 lists of what has to happen before we leave.

We have pretty much settled on Nova Scotia now, I finally got some clarity on needing to be where I could have an easier time finding crunchies like myself and also have a chance of having a midwife for the birth.

Now we still have yet to find the rental we will be moving into but have feelers out and are pretty confident that will come together in the next two weeks. So yes it is happening, just like I knew it would but it is still pretty scary. We will take our time driving but try to do it in a week. My head is spinning and I know the next 2-3 months will be rough but the dream is finally happening so that is good.

If, and it is a BIG IF, we can find a place to buy before the baby comes I will be very very thrilled but I know it may not happen. I just really hope I can help Bliss through all these numerous transitions without it being too rough on him. Also the same for the dogs but I promise, Dirt will be PISSED at me for a while. Snow indeed!

OK so that is what's up.

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luckyduck said...

Wow! What a day! Pooh on the doc and tech. I bet you aren't sad to be leaving them behind. I am so excited for you and your move. It really is coming together for you. What a brave women you are! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

i am so incredibly envious of your move. sounds wonderful!

congrats on the good anatomy scan and :P to the stinky doctor and rude tech. really, a little compassion doesn't seem like too much to ask for!

Jess said...

Down with twitty techs! I have had run-ins with some twits myself and have left the appointments in tears. Don't worry...I'm sure all is fine...the pic you posted is cute...don't let her plant seeds about the gender...the baby will be whatever s/he is.

MrsSpock said...

Humpf. Why couldn't the doc give a play by play- it's YOUR child after all.

Hiring a mover sounds heavenly. Packing is as bad as moving. Ick.

Wow, just a little over 2 weeks and you will be freezing your buns off up north!

Billy said...

Wow in two weeks...
Hope the move will be O.K and not so stressful. Good thing you got these people to come and do the packing for you.

j said...

If you happen to pass thru on your drive, you've got a place to stay, or at least I can buy you guys lunch.

LJ said...

Yes, I believe twit is truly the word for her. What a jackass. I'd have been livid after that, but yay! baby shapes!

annacyclopedia said...

Wow, Bleu, you are one busy woman these days. I'm so excited for you that the move is getting closer but can't even imagine how immense of a thing it will be for you all - I'm still not sorted after my move, and it was only about 8 blocks away!

Sending you good energy for a calm and orderly move, and much love as always!

Pepper said...

Total twit! Wow. Un-freaking-real.

It's hard to believe the move is coming up so soon! I hope everything comes together and that the transition is a smooth one.

calliope said...

what a lame ass tech! ugh!!!
Can not believe your move is happening so so soon. wow.

tireegal68 said...

The move sounds so scary and so exciting! I too am envious! Nova Scotia sounds great!
Good luck with everything and sorry about the dumb tech!

R said...

Wow! I'm so sorry about at your appt... I hate when those slip ups happen, especially if you don't konw if she meant it or not.. grrrr... and cheers. .moving on girl. So happy for you!! nova scotia or bust!! ;)

Tobacco Brunette said...

Ick. Appointments like that suck - particularly when you've been in the care of such a kind and compassionate RE. To deal with that bullshit is just...well, bullshit.

Hopefully your nothern doc will be better.