Thursday, October 09, 2008

advice sought...

I am looking for info/support. My RE told me to stop the heparin along with the other stuff at 12 weeks. He said if I wanted I could continue the heparin through the second trimester but it was not needed. He also ran many tests first to ease my mind.

I tested fine for the following tests.

Anticardiolipin Ab IgG Qn
Anticardiolipin Ab IgM Qn
Factor V Leiden Mutation
Protein S-Functional
Hemocyst(e)ine Plasma
Antithrombin Activity
Factor II Activity
Protein C-Functional

I am on High Folic Acid and high B-complex along with baby aspirin as well. I do not plan on stopping those.

So what I am looking for is anyone with experience stopping first trimester who tested negative, or even someone who stopped who didn't. I am only really nervous about stopping the Heparin. I have already stopped the estrogen and metformin and am tapering off the progesterone. I also stop the doxy this weekend.

I have no reason to be nervous about the heparin, and I am finishing what I have which is another 2 weeks worth, but I COULD refill for longer if I wanted.

So please, talk to me.

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annacyclopedia said...

I have no advice, sweetie, but I'm keeping you in my heart today.

Melody said...

I got nothing either, but I have the same nervousness. I'm on L.ovenox. My RE said I'd be on it till 35 weeks. My OB says I can stop any time. I'm on it for alloimmunity, which it's rarely/never prescribed for-- it was kind of a let's see if this works thing, and then it did. So I'm afraid to stop.

RM said...

Has he tested you for Lupus Anticoagulant? That's what I have, and I didn't recognize it on your list. I tested ok for everything when my first ob sent my bloodwork to a "regular" lab, but then when my RE used a much more thorough IF lab, they're the ones who caught the LA. The lab is Repro.medix in or around Boston, I'm sure you could find it through Google if you're interested.

I guess my question (if it were me) would be, "If I tested negative for all of this stuff, then why did you put me on the hep.arin in the first place? Given that using the injections has gotten me all the way through the first trimester, what would be different now that I can stop without harm to the baby?"

Personally, if someone tried to take my Lov.enox away from me right now I'd bite their hand off! I feel so lucky to be this far, the hassle of the shots seems like small potatoes. And my perinatol.ogist told me that the risks of me staying on it are bleeding risks for *me*, like if I were in an accident or something- there are no risks for the baby. And I of course am taking extra care of myself not to get into any accidents! lol!

Sorry I went on and on- I just know that they're not that many people on our protocol for you to get opinions from! Good luck, girl! xox

bleu said...

I was only put on heparin at my request, kind of a throw everything at it wish to make me feel better. He would not have put me on it if I had not asked.

One of my concerns is the increase in Osteopenia with prolonged use, I am already at major risk for it due to my thyroid meds. The doc said any help it would give when the placenta was usually resolved by the end of the first trimester.

I will look into the LA I am not sure I have had it run yet or not.

Thanks so much for the advice!!!

Dora said...

My suggestion would be to see a hematologist about it. I went to one explaining that I wanted all the testing done for repeated losses and failed ivfs, even though I hadn't experienced those things. He totally agreed with me and even though my tests came back fine, he wants me on lovenox when I get pregnant and want to retest me for everything once I'm pregnant. I really don't think REs and OBs are as up on these things.

CTagsGirl said...

Hey there! Stopping over from L & F. If I'm reading your test results correctly, it looks like you tested positive for the Factor V Leiden mutation? I too was diagnosed as Factor V heterozygous (one copy of the defective gene) after a miscarriage in May of this year. My hematologist has me on twice daily heparin injections for the duration of my pregnancy and I will continue blood thinners 4-6 weeks after delivery when the chance of clotting is MUCH higher (especially if you have to have a C section).

If I were you, I'd FIGHT to stay on the heparin for the entire pregnancy. In the states, Factor V is routinely treated with heparin or lovenox for 40+ weeks and daily low-dose aspirin.

Hope this helps! If you have other questions, please feel free to drop me a note on my blog! :)

CTagsGirl said...

Ok. So I'm a moron. I just re-read your post and noticed that you said you tested negative for Factor V and other common clotting factors. BUT, I would echo what rm said...there are other issues (LA) that would merit staying on the heparin. If you've had a good result thus far, why change things up? :) Sorry for the confusion!