Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I had been doing better, way better.

I have been able to drink plain water again, THIS IS HUGE!!!!!

I was finally feeling like things were getting good.


I am suddenly not really feeling the baby move.

It moved places, and I know that could account for it, but it is really dragging me down

I used to feel it all day long in the bottom left area of my abdomen.

Then it felt like it moved a bit more center and now I am staying up late trying to feel it.

I am eating some sweet thing to try and feel it.

I am actually depressed right now.

I want, no I need to feel it move. It was what got me through day to day.

I am trying to tell myself it is just a different area that is harder to feel.

I am trying to tell myself to have faith and believe.

I am just covered with this film of sadness.

My next appointment was moved up because of my upcoming trip to the 6th of Nov.

It is still far to far away.

I called the doc and could not stop crying. They fit me in today to ease my mind. All is well and the baby has in fact moved center, and right behind a HUGE placenta. I am beyond relieved. The doc I saw today kept saying hoe long the baby's legs were too, she said "wow they are so long they won't fit in the screen at the resolution" which I thought was funny.

As for the doppler, because I was already feeling the baby I felt it was not needed, now I may, I just hate the expense when things are so crazy right now. I still have my next appointment on the 6th so i should be good until then.

Thanks so much for all the support.

17 om's.:

Melissa said...

I know how frantic one can get from time to time thinking that something is wrong. But try not to stress, I'm sure everything is fine and if you feel that worried, go to the ER and ask for an ultrasound. Tell them you fell or something and are worried. Insurance will pick it up, good luck and let us know what's happening! *hugs*

MrsSpock said...

Do you have a home doppler bleu? You should be able to hear the HB now, right?

annacyclopedia said...

Oh, Bleu. This is hard. Praying that the baby is just taking a long relaxing nap and your sweet treat will help her/him wake up.

Keep us posted! In the meantime, I will be keeping you in my prayers and thoughts - more than usual, I mean!

mulberry said...

seems like renting a doppler might be comforting to you like mrs spock said. i am sorry that the worry and depression have got you it their grip. grrrrr... wish i knew how to wake sleeping womb dwellers. much love, mulberry

Billy said...

Oh, Bleu. What a difficult pregnancy :-(. Not feeling baby move, especially when that's what gets you through the day.. must be terrible. I really hope it is just a matter of relocation, and that baby will understand her/his mistake (worrying mummy is not a great idea) and relocate again.
In the mean time, will be with you waiting for the 6/11.

Catherine said...

I think you need to get a doppler too. It would provide peace of mind! Thinking of you.

JJ said...

Oh sweetie, I know that fear--I know when I dont feel Ron move for an extended amount of time, I get reaaaaaly nervous. I do suggest the doppler too--just nice to have to ease my mind if need be. Sending your little one some KICKING thoughts!

Jess said...

Bleu I was so glad to get to the bottom of the post and read the update!!! YAY!! I know how hard it is and I feel your pain, and I know the joy in the relief. Bask in the joy and know that all is well. YAY!!

Thanks so much for your always helpful and supportive comments on my blog. I truly appreciate them!!

vee said...

Glad to read (with update) and see that all is well with the long-legged one. If you do get a doppler, I can recommend the cheap internet ones. We got this one http://www.babymad.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=110&category_id=23&manufacturer_id=0&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=26 though you can buy cheaper. It works fine and is very reassuring for those no movement days. I know it's not exactly cheap and chips but it's not bad and you could sell it on later

Beanie G said...

Much love honey

Fat Chick said...

Bleu, my heart goes out to you! You have been through so much, its no wonder that feeling the baby move gets you through the day. I'm glad that they were able to get you in for an ultrasound. For a doppler, maybe it would be cheaper on ebay? Maybe craigslist, or freecycle?

R said...

So glad you got good news. I agree with the others, I hope you can get a doppler as well.
Hugs and positive energy to you friend!

dakota said...

Thank goodness. Happy news indeed sweetie.

Topcat said...


What a long-legged little baby you have in there!!
How gorgeous!

So sorry you had a scare ... and felt down. Dang those pregnancy hormones.

You are doing really, really well!! It's a marathon effort, loveliest Bleu! XOXOXOXOX

Catherine said...

Yay, glad baby is doing well and you have peace of mind!

K said...

Glad you got a sneak peek at the little... er, tall one! Take deep breaths, give Bliss lots of hugs and try to trust that little spirit is doing just fine until your appointment next week. I'll be sending good wishes, not that I think you need them. :-)

Kim said...

So glad that everything is okay!!! Sending you warm hugs and lots of virtual love.