Monday, March 24, 2008


If you have me on your blogroll please let me know so I can add you to mine. Every once in a while I come across a blog and see my blog, which is always a thrill truth be told, and then I feel bad I didn't know.

In other news Easter was fun, Bliss hunted for around 65 eggs and had a blast. My fingers are finally fading from egg dying. I ate all the junk and candy until I was junk and candied out. We had a really sweet and wonderful day.

One day this week it was warm enough for hosing around as seen above.

Today I start eating well again. My goal is mainly protein and fruit or veggies with healthy grains a few times a week. Sunday's are to be free for all days. I am also hoping to slowly work on portion control this week so next week portions will be sensible and I will start the Metformin again next week.

12 om's.:

The Town Criers said...

I have you on my blogroll and in my Google Reader :-) I know you knew that already though.

Cute pictures!

bleu said...

LMAO Smart ass!

Mrs. Bluemont said...

He is so beautiful! Glad you had a fun easter, full of sweets.

Yes, it'd be just lovely to be on your b'roll. Thanks love!

sandra said...

i have you on my blog roll.


bliss is beautiful!

Sara said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful Easter!

tobacco brunette said...

He is SO GORGEOUS. How do you ever stop kissing on him?

bleu said...

OMG I don't. No joking I kiss him at least hundreds of hundreds of times a day and some days it reaches well over a thousand. I have worked hard to train him to adore kisses, and it had better stay that way.
Some days he will make me stop whatever I am doing, even while at a store, and ask for 80 or 130 kisses right then. I ALWAYS oblige.


annacyclopedia said...

Your Easter sounds wonderful, and your boy is just so beautiful. And you have to love a boy who loves kisses. My oldest nephew is 4 and loves kisses and cuddling, and whenever I say, "Guess what?" he just steals my line and says "I love you" instead of "What?" like he's supposed to. Making the world a better place, one gentle boy at a time.

You're on my blogroll, and I'd be thrilled to be on yours.

bleu said...

Yay I added you. Thanks all to letting me know. I have added all.

MaverickMama said...

Bliss is beautiful! I'm so glad you let his hair grow. He just looks so free and untouched. Just the way I think boys should look.

On food and eating. Know that I am right there with you..fighting the urge to eat myself to death just because there is food available. Just want you to know that there are so many of us in the struggle to find healthy balance in our eating habits.

I love learning tips on how to be a more loving mom (ref 130 kisses). I'm really working to be a gentle parent and I'm afraid I fail regularly. I'll keep trying and take comfort in the knowledge that I turned out ok even with my parents authoritarian parenting just took about three years of therapy and turning 30 and having my own child to completely forgive them. I only hope that I should be that lucky to have a son who forgives me my failings by the time he is 30. I hope he will know that I'm doing my best.

bleu said...

Oh He will MM. You are doing a fantastic job. He will grow up knowing he is the light of your life and knowing how totally and thoroughly loved he is.

Thanks you for the beautiful comments.

Jennifer said...

You're on my blogroll.

The weather was so warm by you! How fun!!! It's snowing here today...bummer.

Good luck with the healthy eating and portion control!