Friday, March 07, 2008

questions and numbers...

I have some burning questions for the blog world.

When counting IVF's there does not seem to be a set correct way. Some count each IVF and each FET as an IVF, some do not. I will be having my second IVF and my third cycle with the RE.
So do I count it as my second or third?? I am interested in input on this and the reasoning behind it.

I have been reading some articles arguing better responses with non-BCP IVF cycles except in the case of over responders. Has anyone any information on this? I was ok with my response during my last IVF but I did wish my left ovary had produced the same amount, at least, as the right one oo I am interested in others experiences with BCP cycles vs. non-BCP cycles.

I got my HCG done today to see where it is at. It is at 1012. Not nearly as low as I would like obviously but what can you do. This is just another really irritating example of just how little power or control I have over this whole process. I have not totally even stopped bleeding yet so I guess I should not be surprised. I have to get another HCG in 2 weeks and then we will see where I am at. Any reassuring stories of how your numbers went down smoothly and/or within a month would be awesome.

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Michell said...

I think I've usually heard people refer to fresh cycles and frozen cycles but technically they are all IVF. It's just that when you say IVF those who know what you are talking about (I actually spoke to someone this last week who did not know what in vitro was) think ER etc.
As far as the BCP's I've only done with. And the beta numbers mine stayed up for a while but once they fell, they really fell quickly.

Carey said...

After my m/c, it took 6 weeks to the day before I got my next period. It took about 4 weeks for my HCG to fall back down to zero.

I count IVFs and FETs separately... I say I've had 3 IVFs and 1 FET. Maybe I distinguish between the two since the IVFs are so much more invasive to me? Also, I always did BCPs, so I not much help there, sorry. :(

Solitaire said...

I never know how to count IVFs. I had two cancelled cycles - one cancelled at trigger that I do count, and one cancelled on CD2 because of a cyst that I don't. But should neither count because they didn't go to ER or ET? Cancellation at trigger is traumatic in its own right, so that's why I keep it in the numbers. Then on the fresh/frozen thing - to knowledgeable people I'll say the numbers of fresh and frozen. To everyone else I say "several" as I'm embarrassed by the number. But I guess if pushed I would count fresh and frozen both as IVF cycles.

Not sure on the BCP/no BCP thing. I've done both. For my particular issues I need some suppression in the previous cycles, such as lupron or estrogen priming, or BCP, or both, so the cycle where I didn't do any suppression OR BCP was a disaster. Other women have other issues though so I think it all depends.

lady in waiting said...

I had a d&c and my beta still took 4 months to zero out. The reason was because there was still a bit of tissue left in my uterus. I had an SHG which discovered this and then a hysteroscopy to remove the rest of the tissue. If you go back in 2 weeks and your beta is not 0 or close to 0, I would strongly suggest an SHG to check for tissue. It's a good idea before your next cycle anyway since you m/c'd. Sorry I don't have a more reassuring story but I want you to know the facts and be able to move on it ASAP. I waited too long and had a not so great RE with my first IVF/m/c which was why I tolerated the slow drop - I didn't know it wasn't normal and in fact unacceptable. Anyway, I am so so sorry that you have to go through all of this. I am thinking of you and wishing you the best. Thanks too for the posts on my blog, you are so sweet.