Wednesday, March 19, 2008

needing advice... (Updated 3 times)

I took an HPT today. OF COURSE I got two immediate fucking lines. When you don't want them they come. SO I am trying to decide if I should go in for a blood test or not. It was planned for tomorrow and part of me says screw it, until there is no line it isn't worth it. My concern is that if it is still up at the 1000 range then something is amiss, but if it is at 100 or so then all is moving on down. Any thoughts?

UPDATE #1 I spoke with docs wife and she agreed I should go ahead and go in today. It was on our way to the movie theater to see Horton Hears a Who. I am now waiting for the results. I will update again when I get them. BTW the movie was adorable and Bliss adored it.

UPDATE #2 I just got the call. My number is now 253. Not awful, not great. We decided to test again when I get my period or in 2 weeks whichever comes first. It would be due next week if things were back on a 4 week schedule. We shall see.

UPDATE #3 The doctor called me this afternoon. We spoke for about 40 minutes. We went over every one of my neurosis derived questions and every other legit one I had. I feel way way better than I did about things. I now feel as if I am doing all the things I need to be to give myself the best odds. I also have a few areas I used to stress about that I am not longer concerned about, mainly because I learned there are some things that medicine has no control over. That helps to know. There is no use stressing over wishing I could up my antral follicle count if that is not a possibility. My egg to follicle ratio is stellar and that is all I can hope for. I wish I would have tons of antral follicles leading to tons of eggs but at 40, almost 41, it is just not to be for me.

I am also OK with doing the BCP again. The doc thinks I should be a go for an April IVF with how things seem now. My number dropped enough for him to think it will zero out in the next 2-3 weeks. My period is likely to happen next week and he said to get another blood HCG level done after I get my period and have been on BCP for a week. I start BCP on day 3 of the cycle. So while I would still love things to be lower things seem pretty on target.

I did mention to him that I want my twins back and he said he would like to see that happen for me. He is a very sweet man and i am lucky to have him in my corner. I hung up with him and had a cry just because it is all so emotional. I am OK though and just hope all goes OK for the April IVF.

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The Town Criers said...

I would always opt for blood work because it's the only way to know things quantitatively. And it absolutely blows and I wish I could be out there to give you a hug right now.

Michell said...

I'm sorry. It sucks that all of this just hangs on and on. Hugs to you.

Jen said...

You are almost 41? No way! I thought you were 30ish. At least by your pictures!

And I'm so jealous you get to start so soon! I wish you all the best!