Monday, May 19, 2008

cd9 u/s...

I just got back from the clinic. Everything looked good. I have grown my follies a bit faster than last time (I am on higher doses) so my ER is scheduled for Friday.

My left side was hiding as usual but this time he ended up doing a belly u/s to see it. It seems it sits on top of my uterus so it is not easy to see trans-vaginally since the wave has to go through the uterus to see it. At least we saw it.

Left (a bit obscured still so there may well be more)


He wants to give me a tiny bit more time to grow so I will trigger Wednesday night and then have my ER Friday. I am happy although I worry about the bigger ones a bit, he wasn't though. So ET will be 3-5 days after than and I will have AH for either a day 3 or a day 5 although day 5 would have an earlier hatch. They were also all so impressed with the weight loss. I have seen it slow over the past 2 days from the water retention from the stims but I have also noticed I can't pee as much even though I am still drinking a ton of water.

I am still undecided about pancakes for transfer day. I want them but I am SUCH an all or nothing kind of person and I am so afraid it will trigger shitty eating for the days after that. We shall see. It is sad that there is an IHOP right across from his office and another right down the street from me.

15 om's.:

Jen said...

It sounds like quite the haul! Yay!

nancy said...

woohoo!!! I'm excited!

Don't worry about the bigger ones. I had a few like that too and they just ended up being too mature to fertilize. They didn't ruin the rest of them at all.

Mmmmm. Pancakes.

I had the absolute hands down BEST pancakes ever in my life 2 weeks ago in Boston. The Boston Hilton Financial rom service makes some damned good pancakes. They had this crystalized sugar someone cooked on them. Not just sprinkled on - maybe on the griddle and then poured - no, that wouldn't be it. Hell, I don't know. But the best. EVER.

bleu said...

Yes but I do not want it to be too mature to fertilize Nancy, that is why i worry. I want every one I can have to be perfect and then fertilize and then knock me up with twins for the long haul. Ha!!!

JJ said...

Looks like you have some good eggs, cookin! Quality over quantity-and Im hopeful you have some great quality!
I love your new blog layout=)
Now I want pancakes....

aspiring said...

wishing you a smooth retrieval with lots of healthy eggs and great fertilization rates! crossing my fingers for you.

calliope said...

that is quite a crop you are working on, girl! Great scan. Damn! Friday!!!! So exciting.

Anonymous said...

so exciting! i'm thrilled for you. gorgeous new design. xo

Neenie/PawsNY said...

love the new design and all those eggies!!!
The IHOP is a sign....EAT MEEEEEEEEEE EAT MEEEEEEEE Get those pancakes!!!

Michell said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!! That looks great. And yummm, IHOP. With pancakes and strawberry syrup. I so know what you mean about one thing being a trigger for days (months?) worth of crappy eating. I probably need to really start working more on eating better, like really soon.

Brooke said...

Sounds like good numbers to me - I'll be thinking of you on Thursday hoping for many to fertilise and give you the baby (or babies!) you're waiting for :0)

bleu said...

Aww thank you Brooke. How are you holding up my friend?
I am wishing you so much light and love.

Jess said...

Wow Bleu, looks like you have a lot cooking! Your ovaries are totally impressive! Hope the retrieval is smooth and easy with tons of mature eggies. Keep us posted.

owl said...

wow! lots of lovely eggs, wishing you lots of luck and hoping this is your last ER ever.
love the new look too.

Kymberli said...

Sounds like you're going to have a great retrieval!

The Town Criers said...

That's the way it goes for me too with eating--if I give myself an inch, I'll take a mile. But I will say that there is a time and place for denying yourself and keeping up that back bone. And there are times you need to nurture yourself in any small way you can.