Friday, May 09, 2008

u/s today...

I had another u/s today to make sure my lining had bled out. It had. Seeing doc made my day as usual. I had 4-5 antral follies on each side which made me happy since it means lefty is not being the pain it seems to often be. He also told me the antral count is more of a picture of the past, or exact moment ad not foretelling of what we will get so I have high hopes. OK maybe not really but I have this fantasy of producing 20 follies.

I crack myself up.

I am doing much better today as far as mood. I have FINALLY been back doing the treadmill and that I am sure is helping. I also have more energy as a result so today I mowed front and back yards, did grocery shopping. I got a lot done. I have lost 12.5 pounds in the last 9 days also which is a good thing. I am still, obviously, doing the super strict eating thing but I am having my Fage yogurt every other morning with granola and agave syrup (very little of each). I am also having homemade Daal almost every night for dinner, and I make it spicy. The doc said to keep doing what I am doing because of my great results. Still no bread and rice only about twice a week. They have these new frozen organic dinners at the market called Organic Bistro and I picked up a couple for emergencies when I am busy, starving, and behind and they are so yummy. I only have one or two a week but it is nice to find something healthy and delicious in a frozen meal. I am tracking every calorie in an online food log and keeping them pretty low (900-1600) but eating lots of healthy stuff. Lots of fresh fruit and salads and fresh salmon. I love salmon, I could go on and on about how much. I got this new panini/grill/waffle maker and it makes the best salmon ever.

Anyhow I start stims on Sunday and then things will really get underway.

Oh and I swear I smile every time I look down at that pic of him, my gawd he is so cute.

OK I started worrying about posting and not seeing that kissy face so I made it the profile pic for a while.

5 om's.:

Sam said...

Me too! (with the catching a glimpse of your precious boy and grinning)

Michell said...

I remember those fantasies of producing some record number of follicles. I hope you get your fantasy.

Jen said...

It's really crazy we are back on the same schedule again... What are your tentative dates? And this has to work for both of us, properly, this time.

Mrs. Bluemont said...

Glad to hear you're doing so well. What food log are you using? And what is your grill? I need both. I hope the stims go easily and you keep looking for that adorable smile on your boy everyday.

My Oleander stick you asked about is from Aveda. My must have don't look dead color.


bleu said...

Hey, the new place I am logging food is It is cool. Sarah Solitaire showed it to me. I used to use which is also good but not a cool as sparkpeople.
The grill is this foodnetwork tv grill/press/wafflemaker. It is sold exclusively here at Kohls
That one has the waffle plates.

This one is the exact same but without the waffle plates

I like that they also fold all the way back so you have two flat surfaces if you want.

Thanks for the sweet comments too.