Thursday, May 01, 2008

it has begun...

(for my own records this try will be try # 18)

I love my doc. I feel like I can never say this enough. Just seeing him today when I went in for my baseline u/s made me feel so good. He is truly a great man and I am so lucky to have him for my doc. He is so present when I am there. He listens and really hears me. He cares so much and it shows.

My u/s was fine. My left ovary was hiding as usual but with me pushing in and down it showed up. My lining is thick so I am starting Lupron today and will go off BCP Sunday. I will go back for another lining check on the 9th just to make sure it has thinned out.

I came home and gave myself the Lupron shot. I am lucky in that I only have to be on 10 units for 5 days and then I can go down to 5. Lupron makes me very cranky (as Bliss puts it) and the idea of being on 10 units for over 10 days was terrifying.

I am going to post my protocol because I am always interested in this stuff. It will also be an easy way to refer to it myself.

5-1 start Lupron 10 units in the AM
5-2 start back on Metformin 850 2 times a day
5-3 take last BCP
5-6 drop to Lupron 5 units in the AM
5-11 start Follistim 225 units AM and 225 units PM
5-11 start Menopur/Repronex 150 units in the PM
5-11 start Dexamethasone 1mg in the AM for 90 days
5-19 go in for CD9 u/s

I also take:
Aspirin 81mg daily
DHEA daily
B-100 with 800 Folic Acid daily
Vit. D 1000 daily
Flax Seed 1200 daily
Vit E plus Selenium daily
Calcium 1000 daily

I have also begin the low cal/low insulin diet again. I am trying to put myself in a slight ketosis state (a state of losing weight) for this cycle.

This is the highest I have been on of stims. Doc said at 600 the receptors are at their saturation point and that beyond that is wasting money. It is 75 units a day more than last time. I guess that is not a huge difference but for some reason it feel like it. I am also doing the twice a day thing which I didn't do last time so that feel interesting too. I am glad belly shots do not even phase me otherwise it would be stressful.

I also have the PIO in Ethyl Oleate on order to be sent when the time is right. I cannot stress enough how much that changed things for me and how much less pain was involved with that. The PIO in sesame just builds up until I have lemon sized lumps that literally crippled me last time.

I am also fortunate that between stuff I had extra and the amazing kindness of friends and strangers alike I only have had to order 4 things from the pharmacy and all of these were cheap or insurance covered items. Thanks to each of you, you know who you are, it has really made such a difference.

So that is the news. I am beyond relieved it has started. I told doc I want 2, my 2 babies back and he said he would definitely put in an order for that.

10 om's.:

Erin said...

Congrats on getting back to this place! So happy for you.

Michell said...

Good luck.

JJ said...

Best of luck to you my friend!

Jen said...

Good luck to you! So when is your slated retrieval and transfer? Will we be cycling up together again?

My tenative retrieval is the 21st...

Mrs. M said...

That's wonderful! I am glad you are back on track.

Neenie/PawsNY said...

I wish I had all my meds to give you- anything I could give you to make these babies :)
I am ROLLING for you! Throwing boxes and buckets of positivity your way- knocking you unconscious with it! Well...You could have some of Bliss' soup to make you feel better when you wake up...but anyway- HAPPY CYCLE! GOOD LUCK AND I AM SOOOOOO HOLDING YOUR HAND EVERY STEP THROUGH!!!
(I have reallllly long arms)

calliope said...

try # 18 is going to be it!
I also think in some cases (Like Sarah) that over 600 units of follistim is warranted. I guess every RE has a different guideline.

Hope like hell this is IT for you, sweetie!

bleu said...

Oh shit, I was not thinking. I meant NOTHING negative about Sarah being on a higher dose. I wasn't even thinking of that.

Melissa said...

Hi Bleu,

I actually found you by googling our doctor's name (I came across the posts of the EZ diet-which totally worked for this PCOS'er. Wish I could stick to it!) And, re-reading it, I can't remember why I was googling Dr. Z, but I was and now it seems a little weird... ;)

When you write about him, I get a smile on my face because, truly, he is the best doctor I have EVER had. Like you said: he's always present, always willing to stick around answer all of your questions, etc. When we found out we had lost our twins, his wife came into the room and hugged me until I stopped crying.

My husband and I were going to cycle in May, but we're going on vacation and I really wanted this to be a vacation-no shots, no thinking about reproduction, etc. So, we're on the June calendar for our 2nd IVF.

Anyway-Just wanted to let you know I think of you often and hope that this cycle is successful.


bleu said...

Melissa thanks so much. If you have a blog let me know so I can keep track or if not make sure you come back by here to let me know how you are doing.

I am so sorry you too lost twins. IT SUCKS SO BAD!!!!!

Alisa is so awesome as well. I miss her already but am so glad she will still be around for ER's.

Thanks for the support.