Tuesday, May 27, 2008

random scary stuff...

So I have been using Method products for a while. Bliss really likes their foaming hand soap and I like it too. It uses less and is environmentally friendly. I also like that I can by refills for it. I used to use Soft Soap and have a refill bottle left over that is about half full. I only use it in both bathrooms for hand washing. In the kitchen I use only Seventh Generation.

A little background info. I think dirt is good. I think the over sanitizing of our homes and our kids has led, in part, to the alarming rise in asthma rates along with all sorts of other things. I am smart with raw meats and I think hand washing after going potty is important but beyond that I am not too picky. I did start using a pump soap dispenser after having Bliss as I DO think hand washing is extremely important when there is a newborn in a home. I made everyone visiting wash their hands too.

All that said, it is the only soap in the house that is antibacterial. I am pretty against Purell for widespread use and feel it is harmful when used often.

OK ,so today I was washing my hands and using the SoftSoap because I have been trying to use it up so as not to waste while only using the Method for Bliss. Anyhow I look down at the little pump bottle as I am sudsing my hands and notice the back label. The very top says in big letters Drug Facts.

Let that sink in.


That means it has ingredients that are classified as drugs and must be labeled as such.
Does anyone realize how much our skin absorbs chemicals?????

I once worked as a horse groom and we would give Regumate to Mares to cycle them how we wanted for breeding. It was a liquid medicine you gave with a big syringe without a needle in their mouth (a drench). It is essentially progesterone. Anyhow my friend who was the trainer never wore gloves and as a result of some of the liquid hitting her hand, which she would wash after, she lost her period for almost 6 months. We had another friend, who was a vet, lose her cycle for almost 2 years. The hands absorb, a lot.

So back to the soap. I am blown away by just now noticing this. I have been washing my hands with drugs.


I think I will stick to Method and good old Dr. Bronners.

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Michell said...

I would tend to agree with you on the having things too clean isn't necessarily good for you idea. I dislike anti bacterial soaps and for a long time would buy the Ivory liquid as it never said anything about being anti bacterial. I also know that some of the soap I wash my hands with it work is so hard on my hands. I don't usually mind the alcohol rub though. I do one or the other, not both while I'm at work.

Kymberli said...

Interesting (and unfortunate) facts about your friends. Makes me want to think twice about what soaps we use here.

annacyclopedia said...

I completely agree with you! I would actually like a lot of the chemicals in household products to be re-examined and heavily restricted. The fragrances alone seem poisonous to me - I hold my breath when I walk past that aisle in the grocery store. And antibacterial is a bunch of bunk as far as I'm concerned - we're meant to have bacteria around us, and in many cases, we need them to survive! I wonder if we're going to look back at anti-bacterial stuff the way we do about things like the Dalkon Shield and other public health disasters of the past.

Sam said...

I agree-all the antibacterial crap is excessive. What's wrong with a little dirt?

Neenie/PawsNY said...

I appreciate you telling me this after I purchased 2 massive vats of the stuff as refills for my bathroom and kitchen....
DAMN! lol!!!

Sending you a pancake a day for this 2 ww!!!! You are rocking those crowns lady!