Thursday, June 19, 2008

12:09 am...

I was up watching So You Think You Can Dance I had Tivo'd earlier and all of a sudden there was a crash in the kitchen, loud and then a growl.

Next thing I know there is something flying into my room. I am laying back in my bed in a recline position, Bliss is sound asleep across the other side of the bed (I am a proud co-sleeper) and a white cat flies across my room, across my bed and lands on top of my new iMac tipping it over onto me (it is on a desk next to my bed) but I catch it.

BTW we have a doggy door which is how this was all made possible.

The cat screeches, the dogs are freaking out trying to get the intruder and the cat flies off the desk and then jumps on top of the TV which is on a dresser across the room.

Next it flies down to the floor and I hear one of my dogs yelp, then more chasing.

I am screaming the entire time trying to get sheets and blanket over my and bliss so we do not get clawed by some random cat.

In the meanwhile Lu comes running out of her room calling out trying to discern what has happened while waking from a dead sleep.

After all is over and quiet I turn on the light to asses the damages and Bliss wakes up to tell me about an un-inventing ray he saw on The Secret Show.

I somehow got a large bump and a scratch on my arm but I do not think it was from the cat I think it was from falling computer and jumping around.

The dogs are checked and found to be scratch free.

Then I notice the baby slug crawling across the foot of my bed and screech again but Lu came in and got it.

I am not normally afraid of them but I had had enough, apparently it was on said cat.

Bliss is then taken to go potty, held for a bit and kissed a lot and then lays back down to sleep.

Happy Birthday To Me

8 om's.:

the original gangstas said...

May that be the worst of the negative excitement for the day.

Happy birthday, Bleu - I hope that you're able to enjoy your day with Bliss.

R said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

calliope said...

sorry. looks like my Birthday Mojo-gram was a bit extreme :)

Giving you your first sure there will be more


vee said...

You had a flying banshee cat for your birthday? Shhh - else everyone will want one! (Glad there were no more serious injuries.)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bleu :)

annacyclopedia said...

Happy birthday! Bonne fete! Tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu! May your birthday be sweet and the coming year bring you each one of your heart's desires.

Sam said...

I used to leave a window open without the screen just enough for my Dude (cat) to go in and out. One morning a stray neighborhood cat (that I had seen around for a year or more) came IN and Dude kicked some serious ass. My very passive cat was NOT happy. I never saw the other cat again. Of course it cost me a couple hundred bucks because poor Dude had puncture wounds on him and I didn't want him to get sick. Was there a point to this? Hmmm....Oh yeah. Cats entering strange houses. Happy Birthday!!!

tobacco brunette said...

That would have scared the shit out of me. Glad things ended with little damage and injuries and I hope the rest of your birthday was better than that.

Happy Birthday, Bleu. XOXOX