Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a blogiversary that has really made a difference...

I posted this in comments on Mel's blog but wanted to say it here too.

Dear Melissa,

It was actually a shock to me to find out you had only been here 2 years to tell the truth. When I found your blog it was from hearing you mentioned here and there, I even avoided it for a bit thinking it was some commercial site just because of how many people commented on it or mentioned it. I thought it was something like babycenter maybe, I wasn't sure.

When I first clicked on it I was overwhelmed. Soooo much info, and good info too. Then when I started reading I found out about the community, the people who came together. I read all the time but never, ever commented. I thought the site had been around for years and that the commenter's were a clique and I felt very outside the loop.

But then, like I know every person on that blog roll has experienced, you reached out. You made some thoughtful comment, you listened and heard me. (I for one think you have always been aces at listening)
You made me feel like I got picked for the cheer squad or something.

I started reading more and more, and visiting other blogs a bit more. It was still overwhelmed though, but any time I got a comment from you I was so moved.

Then this last year the L&F came out and I was in heaven. It brought the people so much closer together, made it more close knit. It gave me a way to really meet people without using the very intimidating blog roll page. I had clicked certain categories but that was so selective. L&F was so inclusive. I became an avid reader and commenter. I tend to send a hug when I am not sure what to write. I like the "I am listening" idea. Suddenly from me visiting more and commenting more I had more visitors. Suddenly I was "heard' more which helps so much in this struggle.

Then one day I realized I never comment on your blog. I write emails as much as I feel I can without getting stalker-ish, but I never commented. I even wrote you about it. Then I started using the RSS feeds and the Readers, like you suggested, and life changed once again. Thanks again for your suggestion.

You are a leader, a bringer together of community on such a hugely significant level. You have created a village, one with so many differing backgrounds coming together. So many women voicing their thoughts, their fears, their pain and their joy. You have created a safe place in the storm we are all enduring. You have educated and inspired, enlightened and made joyous so many of us.

Thank you so much Melissa, you have made a HUGE difference in my life.

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annacyclopedia said...

So beautiful, Bleu. I feel exactly the same way about Mel and everything she does for our community. I would probably not be a blogger or part of this community in any way if I hadn't found Stirrup Queens and the L&F, so I share your profound gratitude for Mel's leadership and community-building. Thanks for posting this here.

MaverickMama said...

I just wanted to say that your beautiful words for Melissa are exactly how I feel about you in my virtual life. You have been such a comfort to me as I've started my mamahood. I just wanted to you to know that you have passed on the gift to me. I hope that someday I will be that person for someone else.


bleu said...

Oh Olivia, now I am in tears. Thank you so much for that. truly I have always hoped I could be that for someone like there were women before me who were that for me. I am positive you will be that to others as well and you will reflect back on this and get teary too.

Much love


Cece said...

FYI - Mel is the reason I know you needed my extra drugs.... she is awesome!

Kymberli said...

Mel's blog gave me a voice. I was like the tree falling in the woods - does it make any noise if no one is there to hear it? She brought everyone together and when I found her place, I finally felt like I had a space that I could stretch out in and be heard. I've met so many people and have been so enriched.

The Town Criers said...

So I'm bawling. I was running all day because the twins didn't fall asleep and then I've been working for hours on the BlogHer post ( may want to glance at it tomorrow...cough) that I sort of missed the blogoversary. As well as my Google Reader. And I clicked over here (um...for no reason...not because of BlogHer or anything) and saw this.

And thank you.

Thank you for making me cry because it's a good cry.

Michell said...

Yes and so very well said.