Saturday, June 21, 2008

losing my mind... (updated at the bottom)

I have proof how fast my mind is going.

Like most people I go through reading phases. I am currently in one. There is nothing like getting in the tub and reading a good book. It is one of the things I do as a treat to myself. I recently decided to splurge and ordered many books from a second hand dealer. I am currently on an Alice Hoffman kick and also really love Cecelia Ahern and Jennifer Weiner. I was reading Isabel Allende a lot a while back but have been in the mood for lighter fair recently.

So on to my lost mind. Certain Girls came out which is a sequel to the book of hers Good In Bed. All I know who read Good In Bed adored Cannie and her struggles with so many things. I very much related to her body image and food struggles and loved her spunk.

Anyhow, I had been looking for a cheap copy of the book which is much harder when it is a recently released book and finally decided to splurge a bit (I like to own books not borrow or lease) and just order it from Amazon at the best price I could find. Well I was so looking forward to getting it around my birthday and spending a few nights in the bath losing myself in Cannie's world. It arrived the day before my birthday and I was thrilled, I tore open the package and immediately yelled "CRAP!!"

You see my fine friends, apparently I had ordered the audio book and now am the very disgruntled owner of a 5 CD set of the book. Like meme's I do NOT do audio books. I want my inners voices and imagination to read and get lost in a book, not someone elses.

I could swear I ordered an actual book but I went back and checked, and in all caps it says on the description AUDIO BOOK. I am old people and my mind is fading fast. It is a sad state of affairs.

So I put it out to all of you, if anyone would like to trade an audio book version of Certain Girls for the book form PLEASE let me know.

In other news I am down to needing only 1-2 Follistim 900 vials, 2-3 Ganirelix syringes, and trigger shots. Thanks so much.

UPDATE: Michell has very kindly offered me her copy.

6 om's.:

The Town Criers said...

Send me your list of wants because Lindsay and I often go out to this great used book store where almost every book is only 50 cents! I've seen Julie/Julia there (I was just on Cali's blog) so I'll grab a copy the next time I see one.

Cece said...

Oh! Excited to know of a sequel for Good In Bed - I loved that book. And a big NO on the audio book. I totally agree with you on that - hate audio books (unless on a long drive).

butterflyanla said...

I was at good will yesterday buying children's books and I saw a copy of certain girls. If it is still there tomorrow you can have it for teh cost of shipping. Just email me:

Michell said...

I have the Certain Girls book that you can have. I don't need the audio book though. Maybe try to sell on e-bay??

bleu said...

I emailed you butterflyanla, twice lol.

Michell cooooooooolllllll. I will update offering the audio book then I guess.

I feel like I should offer it in the spirit of your offer. Unless you want to sell it on ebay.

Sam said...

I don't do audio books or enjoy meme's either. Yucky.