Friday, June 06, 2008

so bad...

I have not eaten a Rice Krispy treat in years. One day a couple months ago I suddenly wanted Bliss to experience them. I got one of the boxes of them at the store. He enjoyed them. He did not eat them often or ask for them daily like he will with some new things but he really liked the nonetheless. The 6 or so in the box lasted until about a week ago when there was one left. I decided to eat it during the 2ww.

Then the next time I went to the store I was trying to earn Flicks for Food points by buying the marked items (such a rip off you end up with crap you normally wouldn't buy and spending way too much). The marshmallows were listed AND they were buy one get one free. The Rice Krispy's were also listed and buy one get one free. I made a huge batch with a whole box with Bliss. Great time. We both ate those first ones and enjoyed them so much more than the packaged ones.

People, do you have any idea how addictive they are? Do you have any idea how many a person (OK me) can eat in a row??? It is not funny, at all. A tall glass of cold milk and a huge square??? No, not funny at all.

Today after the burger, and the fries, and the soda (yuck only had half of that) I went and made another batch with the last box of cereal. I am out of control, but oh my gosh they are soooo good.

Years I tell you, it has been so many years since I even had one. They were not a big popular treat of mine when I was growing up so I have no idea why they are so good now.

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The Town Criers said...

It's so funny because it's one of those treats I never think about, but now that you wrote this, I want one very badly. Dipped in chocolate. Have you ever had that? A rice krispy treat dipped in chocolate?

bleu said...

Oh my goddess woman, are you trying to kill me???????


It is bad enough I am making my way through and entire batch.

ms.bri said...

I also go into huge treat frenzies every few years. This year I made them over and over. I would make them the regular way and then add chocolate chips (really good dark chocolate ones) to the last third of the batter before putting it in the pan. Mmmmmm.

I have NOTHING sweet in the house and feel panicky all of a sudden.

Thinking of you.

Kim said...


On the Rice Krispy treat note, I can only make those maybe once a quarter or so. Because I will eat the entire batch in like, 48 hours. By myself.

But the way I like them is one of the variations they used to print on the cereal box, where you add 1 cup of peanut butter to the melting marshmallow/butter mixture. This is how they used to make them in the cafeteria at public schools, and we were all addicted to them!

Tanya said...

BTW... I can justify them being breakfast... they are cereal after all.

BUT... puffed wheat squares are so much better.

Kymberli said...

I have never made homemade Rice Krispie treats with my kids, and now I want to. And I want to eat the whole pan. I think we'll make two batches - one with regular RK's and another with chocolate RK's, to twist Mel's suggestion a bit. I think that's going to be today's Let's Pretend This Isn't Happening project.

I'm sending tons of positive thoughts in return to you, Bleu.

K said...

I think Rice Krispy treats may just be the world's most perfect food. I too am a fan of the chocolate dipping AND the breakfast eating. Furthermore, I maintain they are actually good for you because, c'mon it's mostly Rice Krispies, and marshmallows are fat free. (Please join me in turning the other cheek to the butter and the fact that NO ONE in their right mind can eat less than half a pan in a sitting.)

Big hugs, my friend. Keep taking good care of yourself.