Sunday, July 27, 2008

my box...

How does anyone live without Tivo???

So I had this old box I could use in the bedroom until the new Tivo box arrives and I set it up last night. Then when I went to watch TV after Bliss was asleep I proceeded to hit pause 8 times and try to rewind about 5 times. Neither of those functions are even available with the old system but I tried nonetheless.

Seriously, Tivo was made for people like me who hate to miss a thing if it is a show they like or find interesting. That and hitting mute to get the closed captioning going so I can see the word I couldn't understand.

And for kids? When you are trying to ask them a question when they are watching a program? If you have no pause ability you either have to turn the program off and then they miss it, or you have to repeat yourself 20 times. With Tivo the pause is just a simple silence and you get their undivided attention because they know they are missing nothing as well.

I truly cannot even enjoy TV without it. Roomie has the old system in her room and refuses to get Tivo. I told her when we move I am getting it for her whether she wants it or not. She grumbled but she just doesn't get it. She does use it in the living room so why not her bedroom, especially because she is someone who likes to sleep with a TV on.

Anywho I said I was usually silent about now, well apparently not this cycle but it is also apparent I am talkative about random crap so go figure.

I still haven't decided about the ceviche, but we do need apples so I may be at the store anyways.....

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battynurse said...

Yes I love it too. I don't have it right now but in the past it is sooooo cool to be able to rewind and hear what was said if I missed something.

Tanya said...

ROFL... I have a VCR. Well, I have a DVD player too but my VCR remote is broken and the only way to turn the DVD on is through the VCR so I can't use it. And my TV is old enough that it's not compatible with the DVD without routing it through the VCR.

I also didn't have a computer at home until a year ago.

Patricia said...

TIVO deprived here. I guess it's one of those things that you don't really know how much you need it until you have it.

Sending ridiculously fertile vibes.

Kymberli said...

I can't live without my DVR now, either. Frank and I intentionally start watching TV shows a little late just so we'll have the ability to fast forward through all of the commercials. It also comes in handy when blogging. If I get involved with writing or reading and miss something, I can rewind and start paying attention again.

The kids love it just as much as we do. They have a ton of movies recorded from pay-per-view and episodes of their favorite cartoons recorded. They zip right to the parts they want to see.

How the heck did we manage before those magical boxes of digitized goodness?

calliope said...

this is how nuts my household is:
1 have a tivo in my room AND we have a DVR in the den. I can't stand to miss a show!
I couldn't watch tv if I had to watch commercials!