Thursday, July 10, 2008

another day...

Yesterday when we woke up I thought Bliss was better. His temp was 100.5 and he asked to go play and I said ok. He went to the living room while I got our bed made and whatnot. Fifteen minutes later I walk out and he is laying on the couch not doing anything. I took his temp again and it is 101.9. I tell him I am not sure but his fever may be coming back and if he wants to play he could but we need to check again in 30 minutes. He told to me he thinks he shouldn't play since he wants to get better. A sure sign he isn't.

His temp went quickly to 102.5 and he spent the day between 102.1 and 102.7, the entire day from morning til night. He was in good spirits though and said he didn't hurt anywhere. He rested in our bed with the TV on or a movie playing and never complained once. In the evening he suddenly got some appetite back and I was elated. I gave him, per his request, fresh strawberries that we have to share (they are best that way mama) and some chicken noodle soup and even a fudgsicle. His fever came down to 101.1 and then 100.7. I was feeling good, like it was finally over.

He went to bed and quickly fell asleep. His fever didn't return and I went to bed feeling the worst was over.

This morning I felt him and he felt good, until he began moaning. He said he didn't feel good, he felt sick and could he have some strawberries and a bowl of ice. We are out of strawberries but I got the ice and water and took his temp to be sure. It was 96.2. I thought ok, I did it wrong, I took it on the other ear, 96.3. I swear to goddess, ugh.

So after talking to the nurse, and feeding him lots of water and some food he is laying down laughing at cartoons and seems to be a bit better. Three hours later and it is up to 97.1.

So I guess we have another day of getting better. I just hope when he is over this I do not immediately get it myself.

Thanks for all the well wishes. We really are ok, it just breaks my heart.

In other news I am still on my strict eating, still losing but it has slowed, I am in need of a period and my last BCP is tonight so the slow down makes sense.

I want to thank everyone for their kind wishes for Bliss, it warms my heart each and every time. I also want to thank Donna and Cali for the mac help yesterday, I thought I was losing my mind.

7 om's.:

tobacco brunette said...

I hope this will be the last day of recovery for Bliss and that you manage to avoid whatever he had.

Healthy vibes coming your way.


Catherine said...

Ah, poor little monkey. I hope he is all better very soon.

Kymberli said...

I'm glad to hear that sweet Bliss is starting to feel better.

Anonymous said...

sure hope you are BOTH feeling better soon.

K said...

Aww, poor baby! I hope he's turned the corner and today he'll be able to get back to the serious business of playing.

Jen said...

I hope he gets back to himself soon!

Kymberli said...

Where's the website you mentioned in my comments, Bleu? Sorry we beat you to it! :) Post it over here too, so more people can learn of the goodness that is that recipe.

Did you see the Steely Dan post I wrote? :)