Monday, July 07, 2008

new cooking with bliss...

Sacribian (sa-cry-bee-en) Stew

You take a pot, any kind of pot

You take five items, and two have to be the same
(we used a whistle, a slinky, a laser pointer and 2 bracelets)

Then you add a telescope making sure to stir with it, and then you put the 5 items in and stir with the telescope (use any kind of side {stir pattern} )

And that is how you make it!!

(Later additions)
add salt of Bliss
add sugar of Bliss
add flowers of Bliss
add water of Bliss inside
satardian of Bliss
sachardian of Bliss
and checks of Bliss

In other news I am one week on the strict diet minus the one cheat day on the 4th of July and I am 11 pounds down. I realize it is great to lose 11lbs in a week, it is just so annoying because I can lose weight, but not keep it off. I do think the one cheat day a week is a good idea (doc stressed it's importance) and I am hoping it let's me continue the regimen throughout the entire IVF and not just up to the 2ww.

3 om's.:

Sam said...

I miss play cooking with Chicken. Good job on the eating, I'm cheering from the sidelines!

Michell said...

Good for you and 11 pounds. Just make sure to send those "lost" pounds packing another direction because I sure don't want to "find" them myself.

Kymberli said...

That's some great weight loss, Bleu! I tend to drop a lot really quickly in the beginning, too. I've been easing into cutting the carbs since the 4th and yesterday was my first strict day. I'm down almost 4 lbs already. In total I'd like to lose at least 30, but in the meantime I'll be satisfied if I can drop another 15 before school starts at the beginning of August. Keep it up! It seems like Bliss' stew is helping with the loss. :)