Wednesday, July 02, 2008

your personal station...

As I have been so privileged and fortunate to receive mail, er packages, from wonderful women in the blog world of late I wanted to comment on an interesting phenomenon.

Women in the IF world have some awesome stationary. I mean truly, chic beautiful, unique and wonderful stationary. The really interesting part though is that it is all our best stuff we are sending out. We each letter I comment on the gorgeousness of it and I never hear "what, that old stuff?" No my friends, what I hear over and over is along the lines of "oh my gosh isn't it, I totally got it as a gift and am not EVEN that cool!"

So it seems we in this IF world send stationary WAY WAY above our station. (damn I am punny)

I personally felt so belittled by the sheer chicness of Kristin's (Tobacco Brunette) stationary last cycle that I went out and specifically got some at Cost Plus. The sad thing is that just this past week I was going through a file drawer and came across even better stationary I already owned that I had totally forgotten.

The other thing I have noticed is that many beautiful ones tend to be really poorly thought out as they are so busy you can barely read written words on them even in black ink. It is like the paper equivalent of awesome heels. The less functional the more beautiful.

What is up with that?

5 om's.:

Kymberli said...

Thanks for the tip. If not for reading this, at my first exchange of snail mail with a blogger, I would have reached for the nearest legal pad or sheet of college-rule notebook paper. I suck. :)

Sam said...

Am I supposed to own stationary? Shit I knew I was forgetting something. Does it count that I make cards instead? What would I do with stationary? I am very confused. I'll go back to scrapbooking now.

ohchicken said...

thinking of you today. thought i would pop by and say hello.

thank you so much for all your kind, encouraging words over at wearefambly. you are lovely.

Neenie/PawsNY said...

Cool stationary RULES! In these days when snail mail is a rarity, you have to make your shit look hot!
btw: I MISS YOU !I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog but I do have to tell you one thing. Your post about the weight issue was amazing. I know EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL and I am giving you a jeweled tiara or something for saying 'the number'. I could never do what you did because of my own insecurity (and I think our numbers are the same) and I am just so proud and envious of your balls to do so.
You rock as usual...Youre a strong chick. And yes you are always YOU no matter what weight but I'm not sugarcoating it. You feel like poop about the YOU that you are- and I hate to say it but I am thrilled to encounter someone else in this world who took the words right out of my mouth, even though the words are crappy.
Good luck with the diet and I am sooooo jealous of your veggie deliveries! THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!

tobacco brunette said...

That stuff I sent you was completely useless wasn't it? Still purty, tho...